Embossing vs. Debossing


Our embossing is a wonderful texture add on, created by pressing up a portion of the design into the cards! How raised the embossing is can be affected by a few variables, such as the cardstock, the design, and card usage.

Cardstock can affect the embossing, as different card stocks are more malleable, such as cotton, and a design can be pressed further into the paper. Linen on the other hand, is a cardstock that already has an embossed texture, so embossing another design into the linen won’t be as noticeable. Since embossing is pressed into the stock, a one layer card, such as our 16 pt stock, would show the opposite impression on the backside of the card. To avoid this, opt for one of our two layer stocks, so that the embossing can be done on only one side.

The design can be more noticeable when embossed in smaller areas, rather than a larger area. If a large area is embossed, you will most likely just feel it around the edges of where it is embossed, opposed to the middle of that large section. This is because the edge of that design will contrast more with the unembossed areas.

Card usage can also affect the embossing, as the normal packaging and use of a card can slightly press the embossing back to the level surface. The texture will still be there, but it may be dulled over time.

Please note that we cannot do embossing on our Onyx suede cards, as the carstock is too thick.

If you have an expectation of how raised the embossing will be, please always let us know, so that we can do our best to meet that expectation!

Medical - Delray 2 \(silkx, spot uv, embossing, colored edges\).jpg


Debossing is texture add on, created by pressing in a portion of your design! This add-on is best showcased on our cotton card stock, as cotton is more malleable and can retain the impression of your design.

On other card stocks, such as silk or suede, debossing may not be as pronounced as on our cotton card stock. Debossing can only be pressed in as far as the paper will allow without tearing. Additionally, if the card has multiple layers, if the top layer is debossed, then when the layers of the cards are put together, the other layers could press back up the debossing slightly.

Please note that we cannot do debossing on our Onyx suede cards, as the card stock is too thick.


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