Uncoated vs. Non-Laminated

All of our uncoated paper stocks can be written on in pen. This includes our uncoated, cotton, and linen stocks. Because these stocks are more absorbent, pen stays on the stock, but markers such as sharpies can bleed. Our coated paper stocks can also be written on with a few limitations. This includes our silk and suede stocks. These can be written on in a ballpoint pen or sharpie if given a few seconds to dry.

Lawyer - got dope \(smooth x, foil, colored edges\).jpg

We also have the option to do a custom No Lamination on one or both sides of our silk or suede finish cards. This is not an uncoated stock. No Lamination is more of a semi gloss finish, that can be written on with the same limitations as silk or suede.

We are not able to have an uncoated finish on one side of a card, and a coated finish on the other side, unless it is a dual layer card, and each layer is a different stock all together.

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