Embossed Numbering

Our embossed numbering is offered in both 13.5pt and 18pt. Embossed numbering is the process of pressing up numbering into the plastic cards, like the raised numbering on a credit card. This does create an indentation on the opposite side of the card.

Azur - 30mil, silk, foil, embossed numbering.jpg

We also offer gold or silver foil tipping for this add on. We can also do our other foil colors on the card, but that option does need to be custom quoted. This is the process of adding foil to the raised surface of the numbering. Doing so makes the numbers stand out, as well as gives it a more clean appearance, as pressing up the numbers into the plastic does stretch out any print that is in those specific areas.

  • Our 18pt font is comparable to the numbering size on a credit card, whereas the 13.5pt font is similar sizing to the raised name and expiration date on a credit card.
  • Our 18pt embossed numbering only allows for numeric characters, and our 13.5pt numbering includes alpha-numeric characters.
  • Both allow for varying numbering or names to be added to each specific card.

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