Signature Panel

A signature panel is an application of a white, writable surface that is added to a specific area on our plastic cards. This allows for a space for a signature, or even a place for someone to add their name, or notes on the card.

emX - 30mil, silk, foil, spot uv, signature panel.jpg

  • We offer our signature panels in white, or by custom request, we can do clear.
  • Signature panels are also charged per side, not area.
  • We can add multiple lines of signature panels, or a signature panel in a specific rectangular size.

File creation for your signature panel is quite simple. You can either let us know in the order notes where you would like the signature panel added, or indicate in a separate layer or file where you would like the panel to go.

We recommend that you don’t leave a blank white space in the print of your design where the panel is to be applied, but instead continue the design as normal in that area. If you were to have a blank white space, and the signature panel application is just barely off, you will notice the change in print underneath that slightly offset area.

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