Custom QR Code

A custom QR code can add a few unique features to your cards! We can encode your QR code either as a link to a website URL, or as a Virtual Contact.

If used for a website URL, then scanning the QR code can take your card users directly to your website, sign up page, or any other site destination, as long as we are provided the correct URL! This URL would need to be specified in your order notes, or in an email to us, so we can create the QR code accordingly.

If used for a Virtual Contact, scanning the QR code would bring up your contact on your customer’s smartphone! Simply send us the contact information, we create the QR code, and when your customers scan your card, your contact will pull up instantly for them to save to their cell phone.

Virtual Contact QR Code Specifications

Your Virtual Contact QR code can contain the following information: First Name, Last Name, Organization/Company, Phone(Work), Phone(Mobile), Email.

You can provide this information either in the order notes when the Custom QR code item is added to your cart, send over the information in an email, or we can send you a link to fill out a form! If you need additional information in that QR code contact, we are happy to check to see if we can add what you are looking for, but note that the more information you have on that QR code, the larger it needs to be on your cards to scan.

Website URL QR Code Specifications

Your Web URL QR code can link to one website address, which should be provided to us in full when the order is placed, or via email!

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