These cards are made of a high quality metal at a 20pt thickness, and can be customized with our many options like PMS ink, Laser Cut, and Laser Engraving. We are not able to print in CMYK on our metal cards.

PMS inks are a great way to add that pop of color to your design, or make a statement with your branding.

  • We charge our PMS inks per color/per side on our metal cards.
  • Because our metal cards are not white, the printing of PMS inks on the card could cause the colors to vary slightly on the colored metal stock.
  • Additionally, we do not recommend having large areas of PMS ink meeting the edges of the card, as it could cause the ink to chip with use.

With a laser cut, you can customize the shape of your cards, or cut out an intricate design into your cards! Please keep in mind when designing your cards that our metal cards can not have square edges. All outside corners must be rounded, even in a custom shape.

Our engraving adds a tactile experience to your cards, and can be done on its own, or paired with PMS in the same area to lower the ink to be more level with the card. We do not recommend having PMS and engraving in the same areas if the design is intricate or small, as the two options may not line up perfectly in that case.

QR codes on Metal cards are a great option, but the QR code will not scan if just engraved into your card. We recommend having the QR code in a high contrast color in comparison to the color of your metal card.


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