Our wood cards are available in our Beech or Cherry stock and are 65pt cards. The Beech wood is more of a natural light wood color, and the Cherry is our darker wood with a slight red tone.

These cards are made with two sturdy layers of wood, with a smooth black card in between. We are not able to add any custom options or printing onto the black card in the middle.

We are also not able to print in CMYK or PMS inks on our wood cards, but we do offer foil, laser cuts, laser engraving and laser etching.

  • Laser cutting can be used to either cut the cards into a custom shape, or cut out a design into a layer of the wood to reveal the smooth back card in the middle. This can give a unique dimension to your design!
  • Laser engraving is the process of using a laser to carve a design into your cards, revealing the natural wood color beneath the surface.
  • Laser etching is the process of using a laser to slightly burn a design into the face of the card. This is a very slight burn and just darkens the area that is etched.

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