12 mil Plastic

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This stock is about the thickness of a playing card. It is tear and waterproof, and is also a lot more flexible of a card than our 30 mil plastic cards. It has a silk finish, and rounded corners by standard.

30 mil Plastic

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Our 30 mil plastic cards are about the thickness of a credit card, and come in white, clear, or frosted plastic. Each of those options comes with rounded corners on the cards.

We are not able to color the edges of our plastic cards.

Our white stock comes in either a silk or gloss finish. The silk finish is a smooth matte finish, which takes longer to apply to cards. Silk finish gives you the option to add our spot UV, which is a gloss that can be applied in just certain areas of the cards for design effects. Our gloss stock is more easily scratched.

30 mil Gold or Silver Plastic

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Our gold and silver plastic stocks are pearlescent in color. Almost as if there is micro glitter in the cards.

Any area showing white on the design would be considered "no printing", showing the gold or silver color of the pearlescent material. If you need to have an area white, you would need to specify in your order notes that you need white blocking. This does not completely block out the pearlescent stock, but it does decrease it.

Gold and silver stock will affect the colors printed, much like yellow value being added/mixed to the color given.

30 mil Frosted or Clear

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Our clear stock has a glossy finish, or it can come frosted, which is a matte finish with a frosty appearance.  All ink will be printed faded / see through on frosted or clear cards. They will not be solid colors. For example, Black color will print more of a dark Gray color.  If you would like the text to be solid, the way around is to use different Foil colors instead of ink colors.

All White areas on the files for clear and frosted cards will not be printed White, it will be translucent/frosted UNLESS specifically "White Blocked" in the proof. White block is not completely opaque when light is put behind it AND is meant for general areas and cannot be precisely registered with other options. We can only print both sides if the front and back design do not overlap OR a white block may be added, for an additional charge

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