Variable Data

Variable data is the printing of varying numbers or data onto each individual card. This can be used to number your cards with different numbers, add a specific name to each card, and much more! We charge our variable data per line, and it comes in a generic font. We can either do the variable data sequentially if given a starting number, or we can do a specific set of numbers/information if given a spreadsheet.

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We offer our variable data in two formats. Either solid or dot matrix, which varies mostly in how it looks on your cards.

  • Solid variable data looks just as if you had printed out the numbers as normal, with the numbering being composed of solid lines.
  • With dot matrix, the numbers are composed of dots. For example, the number 1, instead of being a solid straight line, would be a line composed of a row of dots.
  • Solid variable data can only be done on our plastic gloss stock, whereas the dot matrix can be done on our silk or gloss stock plastic stock, or our paper stocks.

Both of these variable data types do require that the area behind is white, so if you are wanting to add variable data onto a colored background, we will add a white box in that area to your proof.

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