PMS and Metallic Ink

Looking to match your brand's color to your card? PMS might be the add on for you! PMS stands for the Pantone Matching System and is a premixed color to help lower any color shifts. If you have a custom PMS color you would like to use on your cards, we would need you to provide us with the PMS color code, and we will check to make sure we have this ink color.

Cotton - PMS - Debossing - Coffee.jpg

Our selection of colors is vast, but the colors we carry are typically 3-4 digits in length, and end in a “C” or a “U”. The “C” or “U” refers to how the color looks on a coated or uncoated stock. When choosing a color, one should ensure they are looking for a color that corresponds with the type of stock it is being printed on. For example, if you select an uncoated stock such as Cotton and would like PMS ink on it, you would need to make sure that the PMS code you provide has a U after it.

For Metallic PMS ink, we offer a metallic gold, silver, and copper. The metallic silver is very subtle. Our metallic ink does reflect light, just not as dramatically as our foil options. They have more of a shimmer than a reflection, but they are definitely eye-catching!

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