Adding foil to your order does require a few extra file steps, but the impressions it leaves are well worth it! In order to add foil to your product, we will need your files sent over in one of two ways. Please note that vector files are always recommended for a clean foil application.  This avoids any jagged edges on foil due to pixelation in your files.

  • You can send us the layered version of your file, which is usually in one of the following formats: .ai, .psd, .pdf, or .eps. From there, you can specify in the names of the layers, or the order notes, on which layers or areas you would like foil applied.
  • You can send us the foil and print files separately in the file formats we accept. When sending print and foil files, the foil areas should not be indicated on the print file. Foil areas should also not be blank on the print file. The print should continue the area behind the foil as if nothing is affecting it. Foil files can be sent as black and white masking files, where the black areas indicate where the foil is to be applied.

foil swatches website.png

If the foil area takes up a majority of the card, we recommend that you consider going with a custom “No Lamination” option for that side of the card. If foil is applied to our laminated stock, such as silk or suede, in large areas, the foil could flake with normal wear. Going with No Lamination will allow the foil to stay on more effectively when added in large areas.

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Jan 24, 2024

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