Spot UV

Spot UV is a thin layer gloss that can be applied to specific areas of a design. The Spot UV coating is applied to the artwork area of your choice. This shiny finish coating draws attention to these areas and adds visual interest on the card surface.

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Multiple Spot UV Applications

When placing your order for cards utilizing Spot UV, Raised UV, or Dusting UV, remember, we charge per layer/ per side. If you are placing your order for a 1 layer paper stock, and you need spot UV on 2 sides, your selection should look like this:

If you are placing your order for a card with multiple layers, you would need to consider each layer and each side of that layer that is utilizing Spot UV. The example below is utilizing Spot UV on 2 separate layers: on the top layer, and the middle layer.


For something like this, the selection should look like this:

Notice that there are 2 separate selections for Spot UV for 1 side to account for each layer that the Spot UV is on.

Raised UV

Raised UV is a couple layers of the Spot UV, giving it a glossier look, and more raised finish.

  • Raised UV cannot go all the way to the edge of the design, as it will crack when the cards are cut. To avoid cracking, we can apply Raised UV almost to the edge, but not quite. This could create a small gap between the edge of the card and where the UV stops, and could vary slightly per cut.
  • The other option is to opt for Spot UV with embossing instead of raised UV. Spot UV can bleed off the edge of the design with no cracking.
  • Raised UV also cannot be combined with our embossing option, as the raised UV can crack when the embossing is pressed into the card.
  • All areas that are white in your files that have raised spot uv over will result in an off white color. If this isn’t the look you are going for, we recommend changing the option to a spot UV.

Dusting UV

Dusting UV is our Spot UV, mixed with multi color glitter. The different glitter colors that are mixed in can vary based on what we have in stock at the moment, but you are welcome to reach out to us to see what we have in the mix at the time.

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