File Issues


  • A common issue we see is that the file that was submitted is in RGB format.
  • RGB is a format designed specifically for digital formats, whereas CMYK is designed for print.
  • We do print in CMYK, so there is a color shift if we have to convert your file from RGB to CMYK.


  • If the file that was submitted is heavily pixelated, we are not able to use it for print.
  • If you are submitting a raster file such as .jpg or .png, please make sure that the resolution is at least 300dpi.
  • For vector files, there's no need to worry about the resolution! Vector files will always have the best resolution.

My File Isn’t Uploading

  • If you are unable to upload your file, it may be too large to upload.
  • The best way to submit your file in this case would be to email the files to us at along with your order number.
  • Another way to submit your file would be to send a dropbox or wetransfer link in your order notes when placing the order.

Bleed and Text Too Close to Edge

  • If your card has any text on it, we recommend keeping it at least 3/16" away from the border. Any closer to the edge and the text may be cut off.
  • Find out more about Bleeds here.

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